About Championship

Knowledge of 3 R’s, the (R)eading, (W)riting and (A)rithmatic has served us well for centuries. However, in today’s fast changing digital world, being traditionally literate doesn’t mean much. It is absolutely important and essential for children to become digitally literate. The fact that ICT is controlling & impacting our lives is a simple proof that digital literacy is essential for everyone especially the young kids. The digital world of 21st century offers huge advantages, however, if we are not prepared, this same digital world can be very dangerous.

Making our kids digitally literate and competent becomes even more important because kids are using technology and it is essential that they understand how to use if safely and effectively? Digital literacy is not just about knowing how to update face book or Instagram, it means understanding the technology and using it safely & appropriately. So, we all need to do more in this key area.

COMPUDON JUNIOR is a step in that direction. We know kids are hungry for knowledge and growth and they love to take challenges. COMPUDON JUNIOR aims just to do that. It is a National Championship for junior students on Microsoft’s Digital Literacy Standard Version 4.0. The Digital Literacy Standard Curriculum Version 4 teaches generic ICT skills and concepts. The curriculum features screen shots and simulations from Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 to illustrate and provide hands-on examples. This Digital Literacy Championship will test School students’ generic ICT skills that are essential for students in 21st Century. There are 2 levels of this school focused championship and top 600 high scoring school students from around the country will be invited to compete in the India Finals round of this National Championship. In the India Finals, these students will also be representing their school and their region and competing to WIN several awards. There are over 100 awards to be won which include awards such as Runners Up, Regional Champions, Celebrated Participants, Merit List, School, & Class Awards (subject to minimum participation from participating School) as well. The Winner will win the coveted title of India Champion. COMPUDON Junior is open to school students between the ages of 8-14 years (as on August 15, 2021).

The championship aims at providing the digital literacy skills that are critical to succeed in the 21st century. Preparing for the championship will not only help school students acquire and master these skills but prepare them to thrive and take advantage of the opportunities being created in the 21st century global economy. The practice exams provided will help students understand the type of questions, the time available and prepare to win the championship.

COMPUDON JUNIOR is brought to you by CyberLearning Educational Society.

About CyberLearning Educational Society

For over a decade, CyberLearning Educational Society has been working to bridge the digital divide through strategic and special initiatives and research. CyberLearning Society has partnered with some of the largest NGOs including Rotary, Spice Foundation and Times Foundation.

CyberLearning Society has actively supported the Rotary-Microsoft initiative which involved implementation of 100+ Microsoft Imagine Academies in over 100 Schools in Delhi NCR.

CyberLearning Society has also provided FREE Microsoft Office training and FREE Official Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications to over 7,000 under-privileged & minority students.

With this championship, we plan to partner with schools, and we hope to support students through the championship, and in turn open doors for better education and better opportunities in life.